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MBA. BAH. E-RYT500+ 

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Movement & Mindfulness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Facilitator

& Student of Life.


About me


I am a student of life, my love and passion for Yoga and Mindfulness practices grows with every class I teach and practice. I consider teaching, learning and sharing this ancient knowledge to be a profound privilege! 

My Yoga & Functional Movement training is 1000+ hours, my undergraduate background is in Anthropology and Psychology (BAH) and my Masters Degree in Leadership and Organizational Behavior (MBA). I am pursuing a Masters in Psychotherapy and Counseling at the moment.  My education has provided me with a specific set of skills to effectively and efficiently offer insights into the human body's physical function & movement as well as deeper effects of these movements on the human psyche I am inspired by helping my students develop better physical well being that could translate into healthier mindset & Lifestyle.

My mission is to evoke a physical and mental challenge to strengthen Mind & Body, while providing support, guidance to create a safe space for growth, awareness and compassion.

My task and vision in learning and teaching Mindfulness Movement & Yoga is best put in this brilliant quote from Debasish Mridha

“Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony.” 


Types of Classes I offer;

A mixture of Yoga asana,  Functional movement, Pilates and dance moves to strengthen the body focusing on core. This is a fun class with an energetic vibe. Weights could be used. Accessible to beginners.

Flow Fusion

Yin Restorative

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga, incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with Movement. Through these restorative postures and breathing techniques we will find our natural harmonious state of peace, health & joy.

Vinyasa Flow

in this practice emphasis will be on the synergy between breath and movement to help you deepen your practice. This class is always moving, and is set at a quicker pace. It is great for upper body strengthening and improving cardiovascular health. All levels welcome.

Personal Training & Fitness 

Personalized set of exercises customize to the individuals  unique needs and goals. whether you are looking to lose weight, trim down or tone up, I can help you reach your desired  result, energized, happy and healthy. 




(In-person or Online, 

travelling charges are added)

Private Self-Care Package 

90 Minute session

-30 Min HIIT Workout

-30 Min Yoga/Stretches

-30 Thai Msg/Reflexology 


(In-person or Online, 

travelling charges are added

Private or Semi-Private

60 Minute session


Private or Semi-Private


60 Minute session

Weight Training 



(In-person or Online) 

Private classes could be set up at the comfort of your home or at PTL Fitness (https://protrainerlive.com/).

Semi Private classes (2 -3 students). Group training (4-8). 

Covid Protocols are in place for in-person classes. I will be wearing a triple layered mask and the equipments will be sanitazed after each client.  




7pm Yang to Yin 
Shops on Don Mills 


12pm Modo Flow 

Modo Pickering 


9:30am-10:30 Hatha Flow Yoga

Richmond Hill


Private Sessions


Private sessions

Tel: 647-868-3679​

Email: dory.noorafkan@gmail.com

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