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Chakra Balancing Workshop

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Sessions Starting Tuesday Feb 8th, 2022


7 sessions 1 session per Chakra. Each class is specifically designed to promote the health and energy flow into a specific Chakra with functional movements and Yin Yoga practice also including meditation and breathing exercises. The class is accompanied by LIVE MUSIC specifically designed to match the frequency of each Chakra.

What you will Learn:

-Chakra based on Philosophy AND Science. 

- Characteristics with excess and or deficiency of energy as well as how to balance the Chakra 

- Examples of possible or probable dis-eases with imbalance of energy and modalities of therapy. 

Each class would help your knowledge & growth towards self-awareness, highlighting your habit patterns and illuminating a clear direction towards mental and physical health.  
You will revitalize the energy flow of every muscle in your body, restore the nervous system and release deeply held tensions, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. 

Feb 8th   Root Chakra 

Feb 15th  Sacral Chakra 

Feb 22nd Solar Chakra 

March 1st Heart Chakra 

March 8th Throat Chakra 

March 15th Third Eye Chakra 

March 29th Crown Chakra 

Your Investment: 7 sessions; $299+tax 

Location: Shops on Yonge, 7191 Yonge St. Unit 706



I really enjoyed the sessions; it was quite educational and informative in helping me.  I learned a lot and surely will be practicing what I have learned.

-Vidya Jagasar 

I joined the Women Circle series with an open heart, without knowing what to expect, as I was new to these seminars. I was aware that Dory organized similar sessions in the past, but with my busy working schedule I never found the time to join them. As I have been working from home for the past year, with the gyms currently closed, these 5 sessions were a blessing for me! I enjoyed every single one of them; learned new concepts, ideas, met wonderful speakers and participants, listened to others and shared from my own experiences. I felt safe, loved and respected. I am looking forward to new sessions, new experiences and new friendships!

Thank you, Dory and please keep on doing all the wonderful things you do!

Much love! ❤

-Cristina Dobrin

Women's Circle


Spring Session starting April 4th, 2022

Come together to use our voice, be heard and be seen. A gathering to empower each other, share wisdom and make friends. A means to get in touch with our feminine strength and turn up the positive vibration. Each class will include Meditation and an interesting topic presented by a professional plus Q&A. 

5 professional Women 5 different topics. 
Every other Thursday night 6-7:30pm

Dr. Rose Moradi - Ayurveda practitioner

Topic: What's Ayurveda & healthful seasonal tips 

Mahshid Amiri - Food Science & Nutrition Consultant 

Topic: Healthy food Recepies

Sara Salehi MSc. E-RYT- Neuroscientist

Topic: Your brain on movement

Padideh Simaie - Hypnotherapist and couples coach 

Topic: Effective communication

Dory Noorafkan, MBA. E-RYT. - Movement Coach

Topic: Movement therapy & Chakras



$20 per session 


Location Miraas Cafe. 

9080 Yonge St Unit 1, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0Y7



Even when we're stuck at home much of the time, it's hard to carve out some space for gentle self care, so I really needed this weekly hour of peace and recalibration. Dory is an excellent instructor and tailors the experience to be beneficial to students of all skill levels. I especially appreciated the guided meditation with which she closed each session. I learned a lot and am looking forward to snagging a spot in this class whenever it's available. 

-Alyssa Karam


I really enjoyed the class and loved learning about the meaning behind each chakra and how they can affect your personality when they are in or out of balance.

-Jamie Jarovi

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