The Journey to Self!


سفر به درون و خودشناسی

6 sessions

Starting October 18, 2020

 1.5 hour sessions

Online via Zoom.

As a woman from a well-knitted communal culture who has migrated to individualistic western culture, you have experienced the struggle to create a balance between the dichotomy of stay true to your roots versus adapting to the new ways of life. This cultural shift can result in feeling overwhelmed, anxious, physically stressed and constantly questioning your behaviour. If these feelings aren’t relieved, they will cause deeper suffering physically, mentally and emotionally.


Our best defense is to arm ourselves with knowledge, techniques and plans of action that can help to alter behaviour patterns, thought and ultimately our physical and spiritual selves. If you are here, you have felt the power of mindfulness, therapeutic activities, self-development and a desire to explore more about you. Our ultimate goal in this course is to promote a sense of a strong, stable, happy and healthy self. It’s our intention to learn and bolster skills to support a resilient emotional climate in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.


این کارگاهها ترکیبی هستند از تحصیلات من در زمینه های

Behavior  , Leadership 

.و آموزشهای یوگا و تربیت بدنی برای کسب آگاهی، قدرت و ثبات ذهنی، بدنی و بدست آوردن روابط سالم با خود و دیگران

.این دوره خودشناسی برای شما که میخواید اداره و مسئولیت زندگی تان را بدست بگیرید طراحی شده که راحتتر زندگی معناداری را برای خود به وجود بیاورید

.شما ۱۵ ساعت واحد ادامه تحصیلی از یوگا الاینس بین المللی دریافت خواهید کرد 

Each class will include Meditation, Breathing techniques, Self-help education and Yoga.

Please note this course offers 15 hours Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits.

Open to all body types & levels of experience. 

Week 1. Oct 18 - Stress & Anxiety

Week 2. Oct 25 - Boundaries

Week 3. Nov 1 - Habits

Week 4. Nov 8 - Money

Week 5. Nov 15 - Sex

Week 6. Nov 22 - Self-worth & Self-compassion

Cost: $300

($270 early bird pricing - purchase before October 9, 2020)