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In-person Yoga Class 

Monday 7 PM EST 

Yang to Yin

This class will help you achieve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance by combining yoga philosophy, mindfulness practice, breathwork, and chakra-balancing intentional movement. Beginners and advanced practitioners both will benefit from this class.


Location: Shops on Don Mills 

Physiomobility Health Group 

1090 Don Mills Rd.


Drop-in: $25+HST

Monthly (4 sessions): $80+HST

Thursday 9:30 AM EST

All Level Yoga Flow 

This session explores a wide range of postures, breath practice, and movement to promote inner awareness and healing. It's great for when you're running low on energy, have an injury, or just want to balance out your other more yang, active practices. (Suitable for all levels & beginner) 

Location: Richmond Hill, ON. 

Yonge & King Rd. Intersection 


Drop-in: $25+HST

Monthly (4 sessions): $80+HST

* Your first class with me is always FREE! 



Tel: 647-868-3679​


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