Live Music Yoga Practice 

2 Hour event 6:30pm-8:30pm

*Will hold again on a later date

Intelligently sequenced classes to get students into their deepest flow, following a gentle and fun series of postures with a partner accompanied with Live Music! (Instruments Oud & Hand-pan drum) 

There will be a few local businesses/vendors who are offering their products and services there. Come out support a small businesses. 

Snacks & Tea will be served! 

Space is limited. 

Location: Modo Yoga Lawrence 

3215 A Yonge St. M4N 2L3

Price : $45+HST

*Please note this is a non-refundable ticket. Arrive on time we will be locking the doors as the practice starts.  


In-person Yoga Class 

Tuesdays 6:30PM EST

Yang to Yin

We require both activity and calm in order to achieve body equilibrium. In the first half of the class we will focus on active stretches and breath work. The  second half of the session is incredibly soothing slow paced, we will use props to help loosen up and melt away tension in both the body and the mind.


Location: Old Sheppard Park

101 Old Sheppard Ave, North York, ON M2J 3L5

Thursday 6:30PM EST 

Yang to Yin

This class will help you achieve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance by combining yoga philosophy, mindfulness practice, breathwork, and chakra-balancing intentional movement. Beginners and advanced practitioners both will benefit from this class.


Location: 100 Sheppard East Unit #140

Russian Ballet Academy


Drop-in: $20+HST

Monthly (4 sessions): $60+HST




Thursday 9:30 AM EST

Hatha Yoga

This session explores a wide range of postures, breath practice, and movement to promote inner awareness and healing. It's great for when you're running low on energy, have an injury, or just want to balance out your other more yang, active practices. (Suitable for all levels & beginner) 

Thursday 11AM EST


A mixture of Yoga asana,  Functional movement, Pilates and dance moves to strengthen the body focusing on core. This is a fun class with an energetic vibe. Weights could be used. Accessible to beginners.


Tree of Life Wellness Centre 

10815 Bathurst St  Unit 11

Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 9Y2


Depends on your purchased package. Please check the link below.  


Tel: 647-868-3679​