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Spring into Wellness

Embrace the Renewal of Spring with Gentle Yoga & Live Music class!

As the gentle breeze of spring fills the air, we invite you to step into a world of serenity and revitalization at our special Gentle Yoga class. Designed to harmonize with the season of renewal, this class is your gateway to embracing the beauty of spring in the most peaceful and nourishing way possible.

🧘‍♀️ Class Description: Gentle Yoga is the perfect way to transition into the spring season with grace and mindfulness. You will be guided through a soothing and accessible yoga practice, providing a safe space for all levels of experience. In this class, you'll explore gentle stretches, flowing movements, and restorative poses that will help you reconnect with your body and calm your mind.

🎶 Live Music Accompaniment: What sets this class apart is the enchanting live music that will be played throughout the session. The harmonious melodies and rhythms will create a serene ambiance, enhancing your yoga experience. As you move through each pose, you'll find yourself carried away by the soothing sounds, deepening your connection to the practice and the season.

Somatic Therapy techniques & tips: Somatic therapy is a form of psychotherapy that recognizes the interconnection between the mind and body, emphasizing the importance of bodily sensations, movements, and experiences in understanding and addressing psychological issues. Through techniques such as breathwork, movement exercises, and body awareness practices, somatic therapy aims to foster greater self-awareness, resilience, and healing on both physical and emotional levels.

🍽️ Light Refreshments: To add a delightful touch to this experience, we will be serving light refreshments after the yoga class. Enjoy a selection of healthy and delicious treats that perfectly complement the theme of the season. Savor the flavors of fall while mingling with fellow participants, creating a sense of community and connection.

 Class Details:

📅 Date: Sunday April 21st  

🕒 Time: 11:30am-1:30pm 

🏡 Location: 36A Puccini Drive Richmond Hill ON. L4E 2Y3. Yonge & King Rd. Intersection 

🎟️ Cost: Drop-in $44+HST

This Gentle Yoga class is a beautiful opportunity to find peace and balance in the midst of Spring growth. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner, this class welcomes all. Come with an open heart and embrace the wonders of Spring season as you move and flow with the music. 

Don't miss this chance to start your Spring journey on a serene note. Reserve your spot today and let the beauty of Spring unfold through the magic of yoga and live music. We can't wait to share this enchanting experience with you! 


In-person Yoga Class 


Monday 10 AM EST 

Yang to Yin

Starting May 27th, 2024

This class will help you achieve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance by combining yoga philosophy, mindfulness practice, breathwork, and chakra-balancing intentional movement. Beginners and advanced practitioners both will benefit from this class.


Location: Shops on Don Mills 

Physiomobility Health Group 

1090 Don Mills Rd.


This is a FREE class. 

Thursday 9:30 AM EST

This class in on pause.

All Level Yoga Flow 

This session a wide range of postures, breath practice, and movement to promote inner awareness and healing. It's great for when you're running low on energy, have an injury, or just want to balance out your other more yang, active practices. (Suitable for all levels & beginner) 

Location: Richmond Hill, ON. 

Yonge & King Rd. Intersection 


Drop-in: $25+HST

Monthly (4 sessions): $80+HST

* Your first class with me is always FREE! 



Tel: 647-868-3679​


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